NGO Website for FALCOH

NGO Website for FALCOH

FALCOH Foundation is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making organization which seeks to provide sustainable, context-oriented and barrier-free health care and services to the community.

Our motto: Favour, Quality and Sustainability in health care

Slogan: Grow old and healthy while spending less

Seal: Registered office: Bomaka, Buea, South West Region. P.O Box……….

Our Vision: To become the leading organization in providing sustainable General and Home-based health care to the community, ensuring optimal access to health care by pregnant women and children while fighting common infectious and non-infectious diseases and building local capacities.

Our mission: The mission of FALCOH is to break barriers to adequate health care which often lead to the premature dead pregnant women, infants and the physically impaired. We have a mandate to provide low-cost health care services, educate and screen the population on common diseases, take health care into the community and build local capacities for health care financing.

Our values: Diversity, equity, fairness, transparency, accountability, loyalty, quality, timeliness of interventions and honesty.

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