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  Post: Digital Marketing Intern Expexted start date: 21st September 2020 Duration: 1 month (renewable) Place of work: Bepanda Douala Send ur cv and motivation later to Requirement: Bsc or HND or equivalent Must be bilingual (french and english) Job role: skills New website Design for the client CHAMEG CAMEROUN

Chameg Cameroon is one of the clients that benefited from our special CONVID19 support initiative to small and medium-size businesses in Cameroon.

CM MEDIA Group launches on July 25th 2020, a special support initiative called CONVID19SMB to help small and medium-sized enterprises, NGOs, Charity homes in Cameroon struggling during this pandemic to create a website at 100.000FCFA. We understand local NGOs facing a lot of difficulties providing healthcare during this period. We help them showcase their work by build and maintaining a reputable online presence.

Building your online presence starts from creating a website, social media pages, and developing amazing content with images and good storytelling videos.

Our team work with the client from domain name selection, content development, through the design process to hosting.  We also create professional emails for the clients such as

CHAMEG was referred to us by our long time partner FALCOH: Favour Low-Cost Healthcare (FALCOH) foundation is a non-governmental, apolitical and not-for-profit organization which works  to provide essential, people and context-centred and sustainable healthcare services to underprivileged groups in African communities. 

Other NGO who have benefited from this support initiatives includes:

Grace Medical Foundation :Grace Medical Foundation holds educational forums with provision and distribution of basic medications, social assistance to HIV/AIDS patients every three months as part of our training and sensitization programs for PLWH.

Emmanuel Dental Care:



Today, customers are constantly searching on computers, tablets, and smartphones. A website enables them to find your company and learn about your business and what it offers at any time and anyplace.
In today’s competitive online search environment, content is key. Google has revamped its algorithms to better serve user searches today, including rewarding sites that provide visitors with helpful content and a good user experience. This means that if someone is looking for a product or service that your business offers, your website needs to show up in the search results or you will miss out on potential sales leads.
You can build a brand presence for your business on social media, but you’re restricted by the platform in terms of design, process, and technology. A website can help small businesses increase flexibility, control, branding, and credibility.  Eighty-four percent of consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than one that only has a social media page. To be credible and attract new customers, a website can make a difference.
And, it’s not just about gaining new customers; you can use a website to better serve existing customers too. The ability to update business information 24/7 on the Internet improves customer communication while freeing up time to focus on other business priorities. And with a branded email, you can begin email marketing, driving traffic back to your on- and offline sites and boosting customer loyalty with your brand.
Ongoing business success oftentimes rests on your company’s ability to bring in new clients. Reaching thousands of people using only traditional marketing methods like direct mail or print advertising can be very expensive and unreliable. Getting online enables you to reach more people locally or outside of your region while paying less for the exposure—and you can even measure the specific results.
Many small businesses aim to expand in the market and reach out to new customers. While face-to-face interactions can be important and business often comes from word-of-mouth, a website gives you a chance to “pass your card out” to thousands online. With an e-commerce store, you can sell items online and ship the product to customers almost anywhere in the world.
Consumers want to be informed about their purchasing decisions— what they buy and from whom they buy. Without a website, you risk losing customers to businesses already taking advantage of the online marketplace. If you’re in direct competition with another business that has a website, your competitor has a clear advantage—especially if they are effectively marketing their website. A website can help level the playing field.
Before you start building your website, you first need to establish your address on the Web. In this digital age, your site’s Web address (or domain name) is central to online activities, so take careful consideration when choosing a domain name. First, ask yourself which domain extension like .com or .net, best serves your business. Second, select a name that is memorable and descriptive, and isn’t trademarked by another company.
A CM MEDIA we provide an affordable website for small business owners, we optimize their website using SEO techniques and also build an online presence on social media

Our clients:
Below is the list of some clients we have worked with in recent times:
– Emmanuel Medical Care –
– CAMIFF – Cameroon International Film festival –
– Favour Low Cost Health organization Bomaka Buea
– Justice and Equity Prison Fellowship Organization Buea –

– GL Consulting – IT Consulting company in Douala –
– fako ndolo – Online social media site –

– Douala School of AI – Professional Training Institute Douala
– ALS Group – International primary and secondary school – Digital marketing for it products

6 weeks Online industrial training on Web Design & Development

Learn Web Design Online At Your Own Pace. Start Today and Become an Expert in Days.

Web designing course Online and In-Class modes of training in Douala for Professionals and beginners to learn the latest web creation skills.

Master both Frontend and Backend development
Courses includes: HTML 5, CSS3 and CSS Bootstrap Framework, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Laravel, WordPress, Web Hosting and Email Management
tel: 693101501
email: support@cmmedia
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Création de site web à partir de 150.000FCFA

Création de site web à partir de 150.000FCFA

– Réalisé en 1 semaine
‎- Création de sites internet de toute nature pour les professionnels.
– Confiez la création de votre site web à des professionnels.
– Devis gratuit pour votre site web sur mesure.
– Experts à votre service.
– Service technique cloud.

Services: Livraison rapide, Satisfaction garantie, Site responsive.

Nom de domaine gratuit à 10.00FCFA/an
Hébergement de Qualité à 15.000FCFA/an.
Garantissez la sécurité en ligne des clients avec les certificats SSL à 10.000FCFA/an
Domaine .cm, .com, .fr, .be, .eu, .net, .org, .info etc

La Meilleure Plateforme sur Internet. Intuitif. Facile. Hébergement de Qualité. Rendu Professionnel. Simple et Efficace. Assistance 24h/7. Hébergement Top Qualité. Solution Mobile. Modèles Personnalisables. Sans Engagement. Stockage Illimité.

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Tel/WhatsApp: 693 10 15 01
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